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Breaking News!

Hello my darlings. I have some important and happy news to share. I can’t believe this is happening. I’m pinching myself.

I’ve been blogging for months and creating writing tip posts about:

The pitfalls of head-hopping

Sentence and story structure, word counts and genres

The dreaded query letter and synopsis hell

The slush pile agents won’t touch with a thirty-nine-and-a-half-foot pole

How to battle that sneaky magilla, writer’s block, and everything in between

I’ve penned posts and articles about:

How to find inspiration and ideas

How to find your writing voice and style and drag them into the light

The idea of research

How to create chapter titles and find comp titles

The importance of incorporating the five senses along with sensory details into as many scenes as possible, and how adding color adds a textured layer of richness.

I take my passion to mentor aspiring authors seriously. My goal is to help new writers gain confidence so they can realize their dream of becoming a published author. I also aim to help newbies navigate the publishing world, so they are prepared and know what to expect and what is expected of them.

Behind the scenes of my public pages and website I was on the hunt for the best agent to represent my own work. My books include two separate Fantasy novels with completely different storylines and characters, as well as a Paranormal Romance novel.

I’ve poured my heart and soul out into my pages, website, and books. It’s taken years to get to this point.

Clink your cocktail glasses with me. Salute! Dreams do come true.

All three of my novels have found representation from three different literary agents. I worked so hard on my query letters, spent a great deal of my time and energy on perfecting my opening sentences, and first pages, trimmed scenes and chapters, dialogue and prose, and built relatable characters from the toes up. Every bit of it paid off.

All three agents, Maximilian M. Alrkey, from Bookshelf Publishing, May O’Nnaise, from Tommy Hawk Book Group, and Penny Royal, from Puffing Chance House, asked for the full manuscripts and loved my titles. I’m currently up to my eyeballs with contracts, further editing, and deadlines. Yay me! You go girl! I now have three advances heading my way. Cha-ching! Singing, I’m in the money, yes in the money!

Shout out to my family, friends, and loyal followers for all your love and support. Oh, and your sense of humor.

April Fools’ Day y’all!!!

Sorry, I had to.

The above would be a dream come true, but the possibility of obtaining three different agents for three books at once is probably astronomical. I hope to acquire representation for at least one of my books soon. You will all be the first to know when and if that happens. Until then . . .

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Apr 03, 2022

Oh pooh!


Hi. I'm Liz Ambrico, freelance proofreader and aspiring author. I too am querying agents, editors, and publishers in hopes of becoming a published author.



Wordy is the get-in-the-know hotspot for writers. From grammar to publishing find info, tips, and inspiration to take your WIP (Work In Progress) to the next level.


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I co-founded and managed a successful author and writer group on Long Island for five years. During events with publishers and authors I learned what matters, what agents are looking for, and the benefits and pitfalls of traditional publishing vs. self-publishing.

I've gained a lot of tips and tidings on my writing journey and want to share what I know.

Besides my passion for writing, I'm a fitness enthusiast, and I love coffee, chocolate, and animals. I'm mom to two amazing young men, and I live on Long Island with my husband, four zany cats, and the sweetest dog ever.

Whether you're new to writing, ready to query, or about to submit your manuscript,  welcome, you've come to the right place.

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Alyssa is Wordy's website administrator and tech guru. She holds a degree in Communication and has always enjoyed writing and marketing, both of which are highly useful skills for aspiring authors. 

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