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Sassy-Pants Wrote a Book – Now What?

Take a break from juggling words and struggling to find the right synonym. Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and read on for a writing lesson that has nothing to do with grammar. This blog post isn’t filled with tips about queries and plot structure. It’s me, stripped down and operating without a net. Buckle up buttercup, because standing out in a crowd of fellow writers hoping to make it as an author takes hard work, excellent writing, discipline, luck, and a certain amount of chutzpah.

You may be cursing me right now for telling it like it is, (insert expletive) but the truth shall set you free. In the words of Taylor Swift, “Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!” Oh, bookity-book! I’m a wannabe author too, trying to land an agent or publisher so I share your pain. I’ve been through rewrites, edits, rejections, and heartache, but I keep on keeping on and so can you.

Are you doubting yourself? Let this article serve as a quick pick-me-up for you or anyone else trying to break into the publishing world. It may take a while for you to confidently type “The End” at the close of your manuscript then have the guts to query and wait with bated breath for the publishing gods to take note. In the meantime, give it everything you’ve got and throw in the kitchen sink too, until you get to that point, and you will. Check out the Wordy website for tips, ideas, inspiration, and info.

I’ve been there. Heck I’m there right now. Determination, hope, and a sassy-pants attitude keep me writing and querying. I search for inspiration everywhere, from conversations to nature’s beauty, from music to Netflix shows, from unusual colors to peculiar words, and even while I’m in the shower, but much of my motivation comes from helping others navigate this industry and sharing my experiences.

I’ve come so far. Maybe you have too or maybe you’re a newbie. Whatever stage you’re at, don’t let fear of rejection, self-doubt, and uncertainty stop you. When you know better, you do better. Read books – lots of them. Join writing groups and organizations. Conquer grammar hurdles through practice, practice, and more practice. Gather courage, confidence, and knowledge by educating yourself about all-things-bookish. Write YOUR story and edit the hell out of it. When you’re ready, take the plunge. While you’re killing time waiting for all the stars in the universe to align, gobble down a piece of chocolate to make it all better and read my other blog posts for a little handholding.


Hi. I'm Liz Ambrico, freelance proofreader and aspiring author. I too am querying agents, editors, and publishers in hopes of becoming a published author.



Wordy is the get-in-the-know hotspot for writers. From grammar to publishing find info, tips, and inspiration to take your WIP (Work In Progress) to the next level.


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I co-founded and managed a successful author and writer group on Long Island for five years. During events with publishers and authors I learned what matters, what agents are looking for, and the benefits and pitfalls of traditional publishing vs. self-publishing.

I've gained a lot of tips and tidings on my writing journey and want to share what I know.

Besides my passion for writing, I'm a fitness enthusiast, and I love coffee, chocolate, and animals. I'm mom to two amazing young men, and I live on Long Island with my husband, four zany cats, and the sweetest dog ever.

Whether you're new to writing, ready to query, or about to submit your manuscript,  welcome, you've come to the right place.

About Me


Alyssa is Wordy's website administrator and tech guru. She holds a degree in Communication and has always enjoyed writing and marketing, both of which are highly useful skills for aspiring authors. 

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