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Top Ten Posts From 2022

It's always enlightening to visit past posts. Sometimes it's difficult to predict which posts will resonate with my readers while others are a success right out of the gate. Either way, I'm happy to help even a few aspiring authors or beginning writers with my tips, info, and inspiration.

As Wordy Tips & Tidings garners new followers every day, many have probably not read some of the posts I'm honoring today. If there's a post that's an encore presentation for anyone, you may want to take a gander at it again. Sometimes info is missed the first time around. Click the blue link to read the article.

I begin the countdown with #10:

From perfectly pedicured toes to the top of sleekly coifed hair, physical appearance is a reasonable step for a writer to take when building characters, and most writers do. Visualization is important so readers can get acquainted with a new character, but please, please, please, keep in mind that characters are more than auburn hair, hazel eyes, muscles, or a Barbie-doll physique. Read More

Setting aside spelling, punctuation, grammar, redundancy, and the usual irritating suspects, let’s chow down on the meat and marrow of your story. Think of it this way, you’re the proud owner of a brand-new car, congrats; you must still fill it up with gas, check the tire pressure, change the oil, and take it to the car wash. I’ve compiled eight questions to ask yourself before you send your baby off to an agent. Read More

Before you add a bully into your story, ask yourself a few questions. The answers will help you build the best bully. Read More

Using the five senses and the sixth, intuition, helps readers experience everything the characters see, hear, smell, touch, taste, and perceive. When implemented correctly, the writer shows without telling which is one of the main goals of writing. Read More

Truth bomb coming at ya – whether you’re seeking a traditional publishing deal or pursuing the self-publishing route, your first chapter needs to shine with a bunch of essentials that leap off the page. Agents are scanning for certain elements, and they are experts at finding them or not. Read More

5 - You Had Me at Hello

The first sentence of your book is your first hello-wave to an agent or reader. It must be as kickass as you can make it. Your opening sentence is all about drawing readers in. Read More

4 - Fight Scenes – Give 'em a Knuckle Sandwich

I love action movies and TV shows with lots of pow, bang, boom! I enjoy the fight scenes and want to incorporate them into my books. There’s something so satisfying about the bad guy getting his a$$ kicked or the bitch-chick receiving her just deserts. (yes that's spelled correctly) Get your fight on! Read More

Toying with the idea of tossing a sex scene, or two, or three in your novel, but you’re afraid to go from first base to all the way? I understand completely. You’ve come to the right place. Pull up your big girl drawers. Just joking, that’s not sexy at all. Slip on your lace panties. Now we’re working it. Wine glasses up, we’re cruising into adult territory. Read More

Terrie Farley Moran is thrilled to be co-author, along with Jessica Fletcher, of the long running Murder, She Wrote series. Murder, She Wrote: Killing in a Koi Pond, Murder, She Wrote: Debonair in Death, and Murder, She Wrote: Killer on the Court, will be followed by Murder, She Wrote: Death on the Emerald Isle (January, 2023). She has also written the beachside Read 'Em and Eat cozy mystery series, and is co-author of Laura Childs’ New Orleans scrapbooking mysteries. Read More

PATTI ANN BROWNE was a TV news anchor and reporter for three decades. Best known for her seventeen years with Fox News Channel, he co-hosted a morning show with Ainsley Earhardt and others for almost two years, appeared nightly on Glenn Beck’s top-rated Fox News program for its entire run, and was a regular on the late-night talk show Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld. After quitting the news business in 2018 one of the things she accomplished was penning her first book in, 2022, Write Your Own Story. In her memoir, Patti shares stories from her life on and off the air, and urges readers to take control of their destiny and follow their own path to happiness. Read More and Part 2

I hope you will read or revisit Wordy's top ten posts from 2022 and click around the website to gain insight about the publishing industry, book must-haves, fixes, and the mechanics of writing. The posts are filled with book must-haves and fantastic writing tips, and will help you find inspiration, encouragement, support, and tons of info to take your WIP to the next level. Even the Author Spotlight interviews shed light on the writing process, finding an agent, and the struggles of getting published, and each author gives their best advice to aspiring authors.

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Jan 02, 2023

Awesome list. I am honored to be on it. Terrie Moran


Hi. I'm Liz Ambrico, freelance proofreader and aspiring author. I too am querying agents, editors, and publishers in hopes of becoming a published author.



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