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Meet Linzi Martinez

Linzi Martinez is an integrative national health coach and a celebrity personal trainer. She is an award-winning television producer, host, and actress. She has been providing life-changing information to her viewers, followers, and audience for over a decade. Her awarding-winning health documentaries

have been featured and seen on ESPN, NBC, CBS, ABC, The Discovery Channel, Apple TV, FOX, and more.

As a published author, Linzi’s expert advice column can be read monthly in the local South Florida Lifestyle magazine. She has also been featured nationally and internationally in Women Fitness magazine, Muscle magazine, and more.

Linzi is the CEO, host, and creator of Body on Fire Fitness (BOF), BOF Nutritional Programs, BOF Academy, and coming soon, BOF LEANSCULAR, a nutritional supplement line. Her mission and passion are to motivate, educate, captivate, and inspire her audience in an effort to help them feel

RIDICULOUSLY ALIVE and OUTRAGEOUSLY BEAUTIFUL – the way they are supposed to feel.

I love that Recipes for Instant Weight Loss is not just a recipe book but a recipe for life book. What inspired you to write this book?

Thank you!!!!!

As an integrative nutritional health coach and certified personal trainer, I am always looking for ways to make my amazing clients and followers feel ridiculously alive, beautiful, sexy and fit….and most importantly healthy! The food industry has very recently created extremely healthy alternatives to some of our favorite ‘not so healthy’ but yummy foods and ingredients! I have found them all!!! I have been able to make foods like pancakes, French toast, lasagna, chicken fingers, ice cream, and even chocolate bark, and so many more absolutely delicious dishes with these ingredients, making them healthy, and WEIGHT LOSS PROMOTING…so there is zero sacrifice yet amazing weight loss and health!

This is the new way to lose weight – NO EFFORT, NO SACRIFICE – I have tested it and shared this method of eating which I call The Body on Fire Nutritional Method, with my 30-day private nutritional clients for the past two years and the results have been just amazing – it is just easy.

I wanted to share this new way with everyone. Women especially. I want to free women of the food and weight obsession to give them time to live their lives and love the things they are doing instead.

Your quotes throughout the book are so inspirational. I love the quote, “You are the most important person in the world! Feed yourself well!” Which is your favorite quote and why?

Thank you!!!

They all have such in depth meaning to me… they all completely impact me. I believe the most profound quote in the book for me is “Love Yourself =Love Your Life”

I believe that Exercise and Nutrition are the ultimate forms of self-respect. When you take care of you – by what you feed yourself – body, mind, and exercise, you develop a set of character traits like confidence, happiness, motivation, determination, and more that actually trickle down into every area of your life. And, there is nothing more beautiful or sexier than a confident, happy person in the world. It is here that you grow and here that you find a sense of feeling ridiculously alive – just incredible. It is my driving force.

When did you begin the healthy lifestyle, eating, and exercising mantra? Did anything in your background or childhood lead you down this road?

I was a gymnast, so I was always conscientious of my diet for performance.

However, my love and passion for the lifestyle of healthy living came truly from my health issues from a congenital heart condition that was cured in my 20’s. I was able to control how I felt with certain foods and how much I exercised. This had a profound impact on me and I quickly learned that food either make me feel super alive and energic or really bad, bloated, and lethargic. And that exercise, however counter intuitive, gave me more energy, the more energy I gave to it! It changed my life.

Can you expand on the concept of thinking of food as the simple fuel to enjoying life?

Yes!!! This is a great question! Because the recipes are created for a lower carbohydrate style of eating, and they are balanced with lower sugars so your cravings really diminish and food gets pushed out of the way for you and primary foods to take over! Primary foods are your family life, your friends, your work, your community involvement, and the like. When your primary foods are full, secondary foods – what we put into our body, become simply a fuel to enjoying our lives… This is an amazing phenomenon, one that leaves someone feeling complete and in-love with their life!

One of the quotes from your book that struck me is, “Taking care of yourself, eating well, and exercising is the ultimate form of self-respect.” It sounds like a simple mindset we should all practice. Can you share 3 easy tips to incorporate this message into daily life?

I believe that it has never been easier to eat healthy, really love your food, and lose weight all at the same time… it is way easier to start now with all these new healthy alternatives to our favorite junky foods…

Starting a lifestyle of making YOU the most important person in the world would begin with finding something you love to do that requires you to move – it doesn’t have to be straight on exercises! Pole dancing classes are insanely fun and a great work out! Lol and commit to 3 days per week – any extra is an added bonus!

The commitment alone when followed through on the regular makes you proud and strong, happy and motivated!

The second tip would be to find the alternatives to your favorite foods! Then CLEAN UP your kitchen and load it with them!

The third would be to find amazing pride in your new lifestyle, be proud and feel the power you have now that you have just taken over!

Once again – the devotion daily to YOU breeds a confidence and this trickles down into every area of your life – your work, your marriage, your relationships, making your life truly beautiful in every way.

You see, nutrition and exercise make you beautiful from the inside out. They give you energy, clarity, vitality, great sleep, positivity, and aextreme feeling of happiness – there is nothing like it.

Photo of my veggie salad with grilled chicken and cubed sweet potatoes that I make all the time, courtesy of Linzi and her amazing recipes!

My favorite recipe is the Veggie No Lettuce Power Salad. It’s so filling and delicious. Do you have a favorite?

Yes, my favorite is the spinach and artichoke squares or muffins! My mom made this recipe up and I am obsessed – they are incredibly tasty and filling!!!!

What are the best foods or recipes to increase energy?

Foods that are loaded with nutrients – nutrient dense foods- are the best! All the veggies that have amazing colors! These foods have so much more bang for your buck! Lower in calories yet higher in nutrients than most! This allows your body to have what it needs yet not be too busy trying to digest, therefor giving you more energy to go, go, go ! However – in general foods that don’t raise your glucose levels too much will give you nice steady energy without a crash!

When talking energy, there are so many factors to be considered. I teach my clients to fuel for what they are doing at that moment or the near future so that food has a purpose – because it does! Macro nutrient placement is the key to energy and performance of anything!

Photo via Linzi Martinez Facebook

You’re so busy with your career, clients, TV show appearances, family, and maintaining your amazing body. How do you juggle it all?

Lol – I exercise and eat well!!!! On days that I do not exercise – I do not have as much energy and I require much more sleep! It is crazy to believe that expending energy to exercise actually gives you MORE energy lol BUT it DOES! Without my daily exercise, especially, I don’t know if I would be able to juggle it all!!!!

What’s the best takeaway from your book readers can adopt right away?

That they no longer need to sacrifice to lose weight and get healthy – there are now alternatives to our favorite foods that promote weight loss and health! All new and quite honestly, the easiest way in my lifetime thus far to really lose your excess fat and get lean and healthy all at the same time!

The popularity of eBooks has grown tremendously over the last decade. It’s an avenue aspiring authors may want to take. Can you briefly explain the process of creating your eBook? Will there be a hardcover version of this book and do you have more books planned for the future?

This book took me over a year to put together – it was very much a passion project. I originally was writing a book called love yourself, love your life when the industry started to boom with alternatives that were so crazy healthy and so delicious that I shifted to a recipe book first!

I began with a word document and every time that I created a new recipe I added it! My clients also added there recipes to the book and would text me them!

The rest of the book came from me just talking about my why and what I wanted my audience to gain from this as if I had a group of people listening.

It was really an easy process, lengthy for me, but easy.. getting started – that initial opening of the word doc is sometimes the hardest part! The book is now on Amazon, Kindle and Barnes & Noble so you can actually get a hard copy of the book ordered there!

How long did it take you from concept to completion of Recipes for Instant Weight Loss?

The book took me a little over a year to create! It changed forms a few times and then settled into the exact book that I have wanted to share.

What advice do you have for aspiring authors?

Open a document and write your title.

Write your skeleton….break it down like this..

1. Write all your chapters

2. Then put bullet points under each chapter

3. Then elaborate on each bullet point

Guess what … then you have a BOOK!

Photo via Linzi Martinez Facebook

To learn more about Linzi Martinez or to purchase her book, visit:

Catch Linzi on Amazon Prime, in Episode 4 of Gym Shorts - COMING SOON!


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