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Meet Jamie Glaser

Jamie is a musician/guitarist, whose music was featured on Seinfeld, Dynasty, Married With Children, and many others. He’s recorded and toured with Bryan Adams, Jean-Luc Ponty, Chick Corea, Manhattan Transfer, and more. He’s played with Iggy Pop, Tanya Tucker, Poison, The Temptations, and the Gatlin Bros. In 2002 he teamed up with composer David Dachinger. Together they cornered the sports market and have compositions on ABC, CBS sports, PGA Golf, and College football. In 2014, Jamie joined the Anderson Ponty Band. He authored the inspirational book, Hear the Silence after experiencing an earthquake in L.A. Jamie lives in Utah with his beloved animals.

Is Hear the Silence, an autobiography, an inspirational book, or both? Hear the Silence is a book to inspire others who are going through a tough time, suffering with depression or disorders like PTSD. The stories are mine but they are for others and not an autobiography of any kind.

You’ve enjoyed a prolific music career, touring, and recording with some of the best musicians in the industry like Bryan Adams, Jean-Luc Ponty, and Manhattan Transfer to name a few. You’re also well-known for your guitar work on beloved TV shows like Seinfeld, Saved by the Bell, and Beverly Hills 90210. Yet, something happened along the way that brought you to your knees and inspired you to write, Hear the Silence. Take us back to 1994. What happened? I lived ¼ mile from the epicenter of the Northridge Earthquake. I had been on a plane all night coming back from Yugoslavia where they were bombing miles away. The embassy asked us to return home quickly so we did. I was home for about 2 hours before the giant earthquake hit and my life was turned into something completely unrecognizable. Can you give a brief synopsis of your story? Hear the Silence is a book that begins with me experiencing the 1994 Northridge earthquake in California and the PTSD, depression, and loss of material things that followed. I eventually lost myself. I had a music lesson in college about hearing the sounds and magic that were between the notes; the silence. My book is based on all the amazing things that I learned to notice, see, and hear in the silence, when I was at the lowest point of my life. In the book, I share the stories that helped me regain my health and positivity and those that have led me to my incredible life now. I wrote the book to help others who are dealing with life’s challenges. Musicians aren’t the only ones who can benefit from the wisdom in your book. Share why others can relate to your story of raw emotion and triumph? Hear The Silence has nothing to do with music. In fact, the only thing about music in the book is the title and how a music lesson at Berklee College of Music in the 70’s helped save my life. When I asked the universe why my life became a living hell, the message I received was to guide and be of service to others by writing a book.

How long did it take to pen, Hear the Silence? The book was written in 3 weeks.

What was the time frame from beginning the writing process, to publishing, and having the book in your hands? I have a background in marketing and advertising and I always work on the release of my music, my products, and my books way before they are finished. Therefore, my book was published in the UK about 2 weeks after its completion, released as an E book internationally, a few weeks later in paperback, and 6 months later in audio book with me narrating.

Writing a book can be cathartic. What was one of the most surprising things you learned about yourself while writing, Hear the Silence? I learned that the purpose of my life had to be about helping others, serving others giving my best away and to always remember how grateful I am for small and large things in this lifetime.

Listening to music and certain songs inspire my writing. Did your musical background play a role while writing your story? If so, how? Without giving away the chapter that talks about the title, a music lesson from a teacher at Berklee College of Music helped me immensely in my music career and ended up being the most important lesson of my life, and the basis for the book.

Did you discover any personal writing quirks as you wrote, Hear the Silence? Yes, I had 2 well-known editors try to edit the book so it would be in a proper literary style. I wanted the book to be how I spoke for better or for worse. Eventually I did not allow the editors to “fix” my book and the publisher in the UK only corrected spelling. Little corrections were needed of course You're working on a new book titled The Magic Pencil, which is a guide to rewriting your life. What inspired this book? The Magic Pencil gives the reader the tools to reimagine and revise their lives. I researched “self-help” books and found that 1 percent of the readers actually do what they are told to do, suggested they do etc. People don’t like to be lectured or guided by strangers unless they really have their trust in the person. I put the “writing” of their lives in the readers hands.

Can you share a few things from The Magic Pencil, for those who may be struggling right now and need some inspiration and concrete goals to get back on track? I can tell you that the best way to reimagine your life and to face challenges is to know that we can count on the Universe, God, Higher power to help us. Negative voices from people we love and respect have often made it hard for so many to move ahead, to flourish and more. In The Magic Pencil I show why, and how it is easy to find your way when you are in charge of your life.

Is there a release date for The Magic Pencil? There is not at this time. I am working on 2 music albums first and then I will complete the book and release it. Do you have any advice for aspiring authors? One of the things I have found with authors I know, as well as artists in general, is their lack of knowledge, or desire to know anything about marketing and business. Over and over again authors, are frustrated that after they did all the work, few seem to pay attention. This is the same for musicians and other artistic people. . My advice is to do the marketing, the social media, the ads, the everything that has to be done to get your book into a reader’s hands, long before the book is released. There will be a definitive

difference in its success.

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Dec 29, 2021

Very interesting life, filled with many challenges, Jamie. Glad you made it out the other side...


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