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Inspired Action

Take one intentional breath followed by several intentional deeper breaths to clear your mind and gain fresh perspective in the present moment. Chase it with inspired action.

What is Inspired Action? An inspired action is doing something because you feel a sharp longing sprouting from within. It means engaging in purposeful activities to bring you closer to your dreams. It’s not about busy-work. Powerful ideas and emotions accompany this flood of inner desire. It’s more than being passionate about something and more than taking a small action step in the right direction. Think of inspired action as a ginormous surge; a titanic leap hurtling you forward on the path to your dream. Some refer to this upwelling as a gut feeling or intuition. With this inner force that’s egging you on, comes potent emotions that must be expelled and channeled positively.

When you’re tackling inspired action head-on, your entire being is focused on this glorious goal. When I decided to get serious about becoming a published author, so many ideas flooded my brain that I couldn’t wait to get started. I envisioned having a Facebook page and website to mentor writers and aspiring authors and with the help of my tech guru, Alyssa, my dream quickly became reality. Her expertise helped my dream take a quantum leap.

The road had its bumps, but I plowed forward with my vision. In no time I spit out tons of writing tip posts, oodles of blog articles, lots of author interviews, and heaps of original, imaginative, and informative Facebook posts twice a day, Monday through Saturday. I compiled so much work that I’m always at least two months ahead. Knock on wood that this momentum continues! As long as I keep taking inspired action it will. So it is and so it shall be!

My inspired action might be different from yours, but I can tell you straight up, the work just steadily flows out of me and sometimes I can’t type fast enough. I step into a writing zone where I forget to eat and shower. I’m jazzed to enter this creative realm every day and I welcome the rush of innovative and invigorating energy. The writing frenzy pushes me to take inspired action with my manuscript too by sprucing and trimming. It also spills over into query letter territory, where I’m crushing it.

Inspired action leads to highly productive days filled with vibrant waves of energy which trigger an influx of luck and good fortune. Every day that you take inspired action brings you one step closer to reaching your goal. That can be scary as all hell because you might get shoved right out of your comfort zone but the more you practice the concept of taking inspired action, the easier it gets. You realize the intention behind the action is clear and serious. You become determined, and ready. It's like all the stars in the universe align. Damn, it’s an incredible feeling.

The first time I reached out to an author, to ask them for an interview, I felt intimidated and unsure. I worried I’d receive a big fat NO! To my delight, I’ve been greeted with enthusiastic YESES. Yay me. I secretly pinch myself and shriek, “You go girl!” BOOM!

So, how do you start?

We can manifest our desires by starting with a thought. You know, you have a goal, right? A vision that’s been swirling in your brain. If you’re on this website, you probably want to write a book, spice up a dull manuscript, or figure out how to navigate the publishing process. You’re halfway to taking inspired action. The thought alone isn’t enough, you now must act. It doesn’t need to be a gargantuan first step, it just has to be a right step. Every time you take intentional action it’s like shooting the breeze with the universe. You’re letting the cosmos know you mean business. You’re conspiring with the universe to set off a chain of events in your favor. Door after door begin to open. Taking inspired action is a vital element on the road to your success.


Hi. I'm Liz Ambrico, freelance proofreader and aspiring author. I too am querying agents, editors, and publishers in hopes of becoming a published author.



Wordy is the get-in-the-know hotspot for writers. From grammar to publishing find info, tips, and inspiration to take your WIP (Work In Progress) to the next level.


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I co-founded and managed a successful author and writer group on Long Island for five years. During events with publishers and authors I learned what matters, what agents are looking for, and the benefits and pitfalls of traditional publishing vs. self-publishing.

I've gained a lot of tips and tidings on my writing journey and want to share what I know.

Besides my passion for writing, I'm a fitness enthusiast, and I love coffee, chocolate, and animals. I'm mom to two amazing young men, and I live on Long Island with my husband, four zany cats, and the sweetest dog ever.

Whether you're new to writing, ready to query, or about to submit your manuscript,  welcome, you've come to the right place.

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Alyssa is Wordy's website administrator and tech guru. She holds a degree in Communication and has always enjoyed writing and marketing, both of which are highly useful skills for aspiring authors. 

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